Loose Limbed, Well Oiled, and Ready to Pounce


Chazzy, a bear of a client, was leaving his session and I had time to see him out to his car. I like to examine his gait from time to time – a couple of things about it have been problematical. I sent him off between two rows of cars in the parking lot and positioned myself from behind.

“Good but get those hips moving.”

“Okay,” he shouted. “Like THIS?”

“Those are your RIBS! Put your hands on your HIPS. Now swing like this.” I showed him.

He added a sashay. “Like THIS?!” Chazzy has this natural incredulity in his voice, plus a cute accent.

“Do I need to keep pulling myself up LIKE THIS?”

I get this question a lot. After we work so hard to completely engage the core, students want to know whether to maintain that during the prescribed activity. I get that it’s hard, especially standing up. Gravity, and all. But yes, the answer is definitely yes.

“Yes!” I was starting to see less of a lumber and more of a homo-erectus kind of thing. Hopeful. Soon his feet were moving forward nicely. Hips were swinging. It was a nice Oakland day. Lo and behold his shoulders caught on  — I think because of the hip swing. That with core engagement was giving the right countermovement.

“That’s it buddy! That’s … awesome.”

“This is how I’m supposed to walk?  LIKE THIS?” He was beginning to look loose limbed and well oiled. He narrowed his eyes and jutted out his jaw.

“This is how Obama walks!” he shouted. “Right?!  You want me to walk like Obama walks?!”

“Uh, sure!

“Walk like Obama walks, yeah.”

“Get it Chazzy get it!”

“Walk like Obama walk. I got it! Walk like Obama walk. Yeah.” And like a gift, that’s how the man got in his car that day.

Lucky me. Thank you Mr. President.